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Jason’s Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):  This book is my view from the ground; from my point of view working the southwest border to the interior of the United States to the Washington, D.C. bureaucracy to input from colleagues with “boots on the ground” knowledge.  This book details my background in the U.S. military and in federal law enforcement.   It is a snapshot of my almost twenty years in law enforcement and my years in the U.S. Army, including a tour in Iraq.

With the border of the United States experiencing an unprecedented surge of human and drug traffic flowing north from Mexico, the media continuously called on me to discuss breaking stories.  This second edition provides an updated assessment of the U.S. border through my experiences as a Border Patrol Agent and Special Agent as well as my views as a Supervisor in the interior of the United States to working as ICE headquarters’ staff in Washington, D.C.

Out of the Shadows: A Government Whistleblower’s Firsthand Account of How The Protection Of Migrant Children Became A Political Firestorm

U.S. Customs & Border Protection caught a million people entering the United States illegally this past year alone, the highest number in almost fifteen years. That is more than the population of San Francisco.In 2018, the mainstream media plastered pictures of migrant children in detention cages. The photos were real. The problem was the images originated in 2015, the year I blew the whistle on Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) being handed over to criminal sponsors. I decided to come out of the shadows and explain that thousands of trafficked children ended up in the hands of criminals. This primer was written to shine a light on the border reality that traffickers and smugglers use tender aged (under 13 years old) children for illicit means. The children are a commodity to this vast cross-border criminal network, and political infighting will not help the children one bit.I stepped forward, Out of the Shadows, blowing the lid off the fact that our very government released them to these nefarious actors. This primer provides an overview of the tender aged migrant crisis at the border. NOTE: I also provide a snapshot of the whistleblowing process as an overview for current and prospective whistleblowers.

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