Dan Goldenberg

Dan Goldenberg

Season 4 Episode 10


Dan Goldenberg of the Call of Duty Endowment returned to the show to talk about COD Endowment. Did you know that the endowment is partnered with organizations like Hire Heroes USA to help veterans find HIGH-quality jobs?  AMVETS?  And a bunch more.  They aren’t all talk, with over $53 million given so far to help veterans find employment.  Get this….100% of donations go to veteran employment.

Yes, I am nearing 50.  Yes, I’ve been a gamer for 20+ years.  Yes, I am rapidly approaching Prestige 4.  Yes, I am bragging lol. Gaming is ageless in my opinion.  I just like to escape behind a screen for a bit and talk smack with friends. I remember post-OIF that I would game for hours with a VERY diverse crew; from farmers, truck drivers, vets, cops, and even some factory workers from Saskatchewan Canada.  Some of the best chats were in a COD game.

More to follow on this in-depth interview with Dan when the episode drops this Monday morning on ALL major podcast platforms, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube, Facebook Podcast, and Vimeo.  Make sure to download the Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) – Timeless Pack!




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