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NOW OPEN! The Protector Store!

The Protector Store is now open!  The store offers an apparel line and line of accessories custom made for the Protector community.  All proceeds are used to support The Protector Show!  THE PROTECTOR STORE! Previous Next The Protectors Podcast

The Life

What Is Your “Why”?

WHAT IS YOUR “WHY”? This is about you,  we know that family is first and foremost, but let’s take a look outside of that most important part of your life.  Let’s ask what our “why” is at this point in our lives. Why are we on the path we are?  Why are we the way […]

The Life

Combat Flags Affiliate!

BIG NEWS!!! I am now an official affiliate of Combat Flags! I’ve been good friends with Dan for a while now, since a bit after starting The Protectors. I am a big fan of Old Glory, if you know me or follow me, you know I love flags, our Flag! Dan’s Combat Flags is one […]

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