Protectors Podcast #53 with Bruce Robert Coffin

Bruce joined The Protectors to talk about homicide and bringing reality to his books.  Bruce is the author of the best-selling Detective Byron mystery series. Check out Bruce’s recent book: Beyond the Truth: A Detective Byron Mystery From Bruce’s site: Bruce is a former detective sergeant with more than twenty-seven years in law enforcement, he […]


Protectors Podcast #50 with Mike Ritland

Episode #50 | Mike Ritland | Navy SEAL, K9 Expert, & Host of the Mike Drop Podcast Mike joined The Protectors w/ Jason Piccolo to talk his background training K9’s, taking in Warrior Dogs, podcasting, and we had an all-around great chat.  Mike is a top-notch interviewer, hosting his show the Mike Drop Podcast with […]


Protectors Podcast #45 with Debbie Lee

  I was honored to have Debbie Lee on The Protectors podcast.  Debbie was an amazing guest, with an unmatched strength.  Debbie is continuing her son Marc’s mission to help others through charity and with her kindness.  Debbie is a Gold Star mother, losing her son Marc in Iraq in 2006.  Marc Alan Lee was […]


Protectors Podcast #44 with Sean Parnell

Episode #44 | Sean Parnell | U.S. Army Veteran & NYT Best-Seller Sean joined The Protectors to talk Infantry, writing books, and life.  Sean has a ton of experience and it shows in the words of his best-selling books…from his non-fiction Outlaw Platoon to his fiction books Man of War and All Out War.  We […]


Protectors Podcast # 42 with John Nores

  John joined me on The Protectors podcast to talk his career fighting the cartel within our Nation’s borders, specifically inside our forests.  The cartel operates out of site, cultivating potent, chemical laced marijuana worth millions with only a thin-green line of LEO’s fighting them…John fought the cartel on his turf…the forest.   John is […]


Protectors Podcast # 39 with Jack Carr

untitled-project-made-by-headliner-mp4 The Protectors w/ Jason Piccolo podcast episode 39 is up!  With special guest Jack Carr.  Jack is a former Navy SEAL and author of two of my favorite books, The Terminal List and True Believer.  We chat about writing, Jack’s background, and one thing I miss big time…tracking.  Jack’s written work brings the stories […]

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