GOALS! What are your professional goals this year?

GOALS! What are your PROFESSIONAL goals this year?  I have four focused goals; write a book & more op eds; move The Protectors podcast into the mainstream; advocate for LEOs, Veteran/Military, and First Responders; and finally, pass on whatever I learn to others.  So, what are you goals for this year?  Thank you all for […]


2019: The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo Podcast Begins!

On February 7, 2019, I launched The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo with a goal of bringing stories of Law Enforcement, Military, Veterans, First Responders, and those that support them to the forefront; with zero politics.   78 episodes!  I never imagined The Protectors would take off like it has! It would not have gone anywhere without great […]


Protectors Podcast #78 with Danny Smith

Episode #78 |Danny Smith | Former Detective | Author of the Dickie Floyd Detective Novel Series Danny joined The Protectors to talk policing, solving crimes, and writing great detective thrillers.  Danny is a wealth of knowledge and it shows throughout his novels. Listen in… About Danny: Danny R. Smith spent 21 years with the Los […]


Protectors Podcast #77 with Fred Burton

Fred stopped by The Protectors to talk about his career in counterrorism; hunting some of the world’s most elusive & deadly terrorists.  Fred also talks writing and being the chief security officer of one of the world’s foremost civilian intelligence outlets.  Listen in… From Stratfor: Fred Burton is one of the world’s foremost authorities on […]


Protectors Podcast #76 with Dale Dye

  Episode #76 |Dale Dye | Veteran | Actor | Military Consultant Dale joined The Protectors to talk about his military experience, bringing “reality” to Hollywood as a military consultant, writing, and his famous roles.  Listen in.. From Dale’s Site: I didn’t set out to be an actor. My goal in coming to Hollywood was […]


Protectors Podcast #73 with Brian Kilmeade

Brian joined The Protectors to talk about his new book Sam Houston & The Alamo Avengers.  We also talk about how we initially met and Brian’s continued support of the law enforcement, military, and first responders. Listen.. From Brian’s Page: Not many broadcasters can say they are on the air for 6 hours a day, […]


Protectors Podcast #70 with Ryan Manion

NEW EPISODE! Episode #70 | Ryan Manion | Author | The Knock at the Door Honored to have Ryan Manion on The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo. Ryan and I discussed her book, understanding grief, the Travis Manion Foundation, and living in New Jersey. Ryan is a true inspiration. The book, The Knock at the Door: Three Gold Star Families […]


Protectors Podcast #56 with Clint Emerson

http://theprotectors.buzzsprout.com/255144/2055999-episode-56-clint-emerson-navy-seal-author-of-the-right-kind-of-crazy Great episode with Clint Emerson on The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo.  Listen on all major podcast platforms! Clint Emerson joined The Protectors to talk about his decades of experience protecting our Nation here and abroad.  Clint authored a 100 Deadly Skills and out now… THE RIGHT KIND OF CRAZY. Clint supports the Glen Doherty Memorial […]


Protectors Podcast #54 with Travis Mills

Travis is a true inspiration. Travis joined The Protectors to chat about his military service, being a husband, a father, and the joys of grilling with a Traeger grill.  Travis continues to give back to the veteran community through his charity work.  Travis’ book Tough As They Come is available everywhere books are sold.  Listen in… About […]


Protectors Podcast #49 with David Burnett

David joined The Protectors to talk about his time with the legendary 160th SOAR as a member of the Nightstalkers.  After David left the service he embarked on an ambitious journey, to document his time with the famed Nightstalkers.  Listen in.. From book:  David Burnett takes readers into a unique world of the 160th Special […]

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