Recent TV Appearances

Jason has been a reoccurring weekly guest on the Court TV Network since early September 2020 as an law enforcement expert. Jason recently appeared on Newsnation’s Donlon Report discussing homeland security issues.



I have a ton of products I love, especially from #vetowned companies.  These six are ones I use ALL the time… from my Notch gear hat to Grill Your A** Off seasoning to my GoRuck.  Check out these awesome Vet Owned companies today! I am a bona fide affiliate of Combat Flags, Notch, and GoRuck […]



What is a burn pit?  I know what a burn pit is. You probably know what a burn pit is. The public not associated with the military; do they know? As a whole, no.  This video series will provide a basic overview of Burn Pits, Particulate Matter, and other topics involving toxic exposure. Subscribe to […]


The Protector Life!! What is it?

WHAT IS THE PROTECTOR LIFE?  It is the life we all live as Protectors. You cannot categorize a Protector into just one single category.  To me, a Protector is one that runs toward the sound of danger.  Over the past couple of years since I started the Protectors show, I have seen my definition of […]


CourtTV Appearances

These past few weeks I have been appearing on CourtTV providing commentary during their nightly “Crime Time” segment.  Tune in and you may see me during their 9:30 PM EST segments!      


Jason’s Fact Sheet

Who am I?  I am sure we have all asked that same question. One word or one sentence cannot define exactly who we are.  Over the past 40+ years I have had many roles.  Find below some of my key “roles” from present to past. Acted in my first motion picture, the sequel to a […]

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