Darren McBurnett, Uncommon Grit

Darren McBurnett “McB” joined the show to talk about his new book UNCOMMON GRIT, best sci-fi movies, importance of a kick a** soundtrack, SEALs, and a ton of other great topics.  Looking forward to our next show where we chat HEAVY METAL (google it if you are under 40). ABOUT from Darren’s site: On the […]


Kevin Owens of Fieldcraft Survival

Kevin Owens of Fieldcraft Survival joined The Protectors this past week. We talked about the new meaning of “protector”, the importance of navigation in our new world, transition, and a ton of other great topics. Really enjoyed this interview/discussion. About Kevin: Kevin Owens grew up in Ireland where he served in the Tier One Counter-Terrorist […]


Beau Wise & Tom Sileo | Three Wise Men

Beau Wise and Tom Sileo joined The Protectors to talk about their book THREE WISE MEN. We go into the background of the Wise brothers’ service, teaming up to write their story, and much more. Beau and Tom also talk a bit about reaching out to the SOF community to gather information for the book. […]


Jason’s Decision Hour Interview

Recently I sat down with the Decision Hour Podcast, a part of Heroes Media Group.  We discussed my career and the most critical decision I ever made.   Check it out here.  Make sure you give them a follow/like/subscribe. Ep: 208 – Special Guest, Dr. Jason Piccolo A very Special episode, as we have #CommunityHero Dr. […]


SHOT SHOW TV Interview

During SHOT SHOW 2020, I sat down with National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF®) Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs Larry Keane to discuss the important relationship NSSF has with law enforcement.  

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