Don Bentley’s writing comes directly from his actual life, which reads like a thriller. Bentley cut his teeth as a war-borne Apache pilot to the streets as a bona fide FBI special agent. Bentley not only writes from his real-life experience but from the eye of a world-class thriller writer.

Without Sanction: Bentley’s thriller “hero” Matt Drake is a hardened Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) clandestine agent that has just returned from a devastating mission, one that took his best friend out of action and changed Drake’s trajectory from resolute warrior to damaged goods.  A turn of events on the global scale pulls Drake out of his dark cloud. Drake’s broken warrior emerges from that dark place that no ordinary warrior could arise from. A great thing that Drake is not normal; he is driven by memories and reality. A reality that includes more than dwelling in despair.  A reality that he is the only one that can stop a full-blown war.

Thoughts:  I am a big fan of thriller fiction, but for years I put aside reading for fun to focus on non-fiction and research.  Reading books like Without Sanction is exactly what is needed to let me escape into a world of non-stop action that reads like an action movie.  Bentley’s entrance into the thriller world, Without Sanction, really is must-read.  Why?  Because Bentley’s protagonist Drake is worthy of investing in, he is not a character that can fit into just one book, but one that will not let you down.  Keep an eye out for Bentley; he is emerging as one of the top-thriller writers on the scene.

Recommendation & Rating.   BUY IT NOW!  Rating is 10!


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