To say I am a big fan of thrillers with military-centric protagonists is an understatement.  It started with Stephen Hunter’s Point of Impact in 1993 then progressed.  Post 9/11 saw a new breed of thriller authors emerge on the scene; the authors’ backgrounds matched the current op tempo of their characters.

This new generation of authors changed the battlefield of thriller writing in other ways as well.  We see authors cross-promoting and supporting each other across social media and throughout the writing community. This happened before, pre-9/11, but now many of these authors literally served in the same warzones from Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond.   From Jack Carr to Bray Taylor to Don Bentley to my favorite thriller duo, Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson.  There is a new breed of author that is here to stay.

Welcome to my first thriller review.  I write, but most of my writing touches on serious topics, from trafficking to toxic exposure.  This is my time to have fun and take you on a quick journey through some of my favorite thrillers.

Red Spectre

Thoughts: The 5th Book in the Tier One Series absolutely stood out right from the start.  The days of the “stereotypical” jihadi hunt were over; the new enemy matched the skill and cunning of John Dempsey, the Tier One hero, to a “T,” perhaps even a slight cut above.   The enemy does not hold the same moral compass as Dempsey, putting Dempsey at a veritable crossroads throughout the thriller, do the right thing or become the nightmare he is hunting.

Why is this my favorite Tier One book?  The team, the Ember team.  They took center stage throughout the book.  They finally melded as a completely functioning team, even taking on new members.  The team was complete.  I say “was” because so many twists and turns through thriller change the team dynamic.

The Cold War is back.  Growing up in the 1980s, the Russian threat stood out in everyday life, from nuclear attack drills to where we hid under desks until they called all clear to news blasts of real-life spies captured in suburban America.  For close to twenty years, we have been engulfed in the Global War On Terrorism, and thriller novels reflected this, with the main antagonist being fundamentally linked to a self or state connected jihad.   With Red Spectre, Andrews and Wilson bring us from the Cold War to a new “Hot War” with Russain adversaries at the forefront.  The slow burn of spreading communism is replaced with direct action ops.  This reborn genre is here to stay.  The characters are deadly, and bullets do not miss the good guys!

Recommendation & Rating.   BUY NOW!  Rating is 10+. 

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