What Is Your “Why”?


This is about you,  we know that family is first and foremost, but let’s take a look outside of that most important part of your life.  Let’s ask what our “why” is at this point in our lives. Why are we on the path we are?  Why are we the way we are at this moment? And so on.

I’ll use me as an example.  I am in my mid-to-late 40s, closing in on 50 every day.  My why has shifted dramatically over the past few decades that I’ve been an adult.

In the beginning, in my 20s, it was about FINDING A PATH, that path leads me to the U.S. Army then into Federal Law Enforcement. My “why” was career growth.

My 30s saw a transition from citizen back to soldier, with an 18 month recall back into the U.S. Army, the war was that decade, my “why” turned into learning how to return and how to transition to a new job and moving across the country, my why seemed to be in REDEFINE MODE. My why was learning how to live with the new me, the good and bad parts of me.

My forties were filled with momentous occasions, from education to take a stand (google Jason Piccolo) to find my true voice, I began building my personal resume, not to gain new positions, but to build on who I am as a person, to drive change.  What is my why now?  In my 40s?  Before I answer that…..WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

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