Combat Flags Affiliate!

BIG NEWS!!! I am now an official affiliate of Combat Flags! I’ve been good friends with Dan for a while now, since a bit after starting The Protectors. I am a big fan of Old Glory, if you know me or follow me, you know I love flags, our Flag! Dan’s Combat Flags is one I am completely behind and support, not just because the products are top notch, but because Dan has given over $70,000 of his proceeds to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Dan created Original Combat Flags from one of the last uniforms I ever wore. My ACUs from OIF. Two of the Combat Flags will go to my children. Such an incredible memento of my service. The Original Combat Flag has ben updated since mine “Handcrafted from duty-worn fatigues, Original Combat Flags are 4×6 inches and offer a tangible piece of freedom to the American people and offer our service members a unique and immensely personal way to showcase their service and story. With the front of each flag crafted from duty-worn fatigues and beautifully adorned with the American Flag, the back of each flag is finished hook velcro.”

My other favorite flag is the 3X 5 Thin Blue Line Combat Flag, durable for outdoor use, but I keep it adorned in the Protectors studio.

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