The Protector Life!! What is it?

WHAT IS THE PROTECTOR LIFE?  It is the life we all live as Protectors. You cannot categorize a Protector into just one single category.  To me, a Protector is one that runs toward the sound of danger.  Over the past couple of years since I started the Protectors show, I have seen my definition of Protector morphing from just those that are classed as military, veteran, LEOs, and emergency responders to those that are Protectors of their families, friends, loved ones, and others in danger.   With that comes a refresh of The Protectors Show to focus on shining not only light on the original Protectors, but also to touch on topics that encompass the Life; tough topics to light topics, nothing is off the table.  Nothing.  So what do you get by hitting subscribe and following along.

  1. Interviews with world-class guests will continue and get better and better!
  2. Gear, Guns, and Gadget discussions with industry experts.
  3. Deep dives and discussions into tough issues…trafficking, security, protection, terrorism …
  4. Opportunities for you to provide input and request topics & guests.

Thank you again for following The Protectors grow from an audio podcast recorded on my phone to now streaming worldwide on Amazon Fire TV & YouTube.

Please head to YouTube and your favorite podcast platform, hit SUBSCRIBE today!  It helps me get the message out!!

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