Jason’s Fact Sheet

Who am I?  I am sure we have all asked that same question. One word or one sentence cannot define exactly who we are.  Over the past 40+ years I have had many roles.  Find below some of my key “roles” from present to past.

  • Acted in my first motion picture, the sequel to a widely popular horror movie.  I also took on the role of the senior military advisor for the same movie. Currently taking acting classes, why not!
  • Produced, directed, and hosted my own series of shows on The Protectors Network.  I have interviewed over 150 guests from all genres; A-list actors, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, Military Heroes, Non-Profit Leaders, World-Class Athletes, and many more.  My shows, The Protectors, Empowered, and PicREP, stream worldwide on Amazon Fire TV.
  • Authored two books, Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journey & Out of the Shadows, both reaching #1 in their respective categories on Amazon Best-Seller lists.  Currently working on my third book on the important topic of domestic human trafficking. 
  • Been a guest on countless TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, and live events throughout the past few years as a subject matter expert in my fields.
  • Worked over twenty years in federal law enforcement, from agent to special agent to supervisor.  I have investigated everything from major narco-trafficking groups to international terrorists to international human smuggling organizations to criminal fugitives. 
  • Served in the U.S. Army from 1993 to 2006, from Private to Captain, from Artillery to Intelligence to Infantry, from Texas to Colorado to Kuwait to Iraq.
  • Volunteered with numerous organizations helping the veteran community, including Hire Heroes USA, Veterati, OSD, and American Corporate Partners
  • Teach! One of my favorite things to do.  I have taught college courses in the Homeland Security & Criminal Justice fields since 2017. 
  • Earned a B.S. in Law Enforcement, a Master of Forensic Science, and  Doctorate in Strategic Security.  Never stop learning!  

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