Jason Patton, Fire Department Chronicles

Jason Patton from The Fire Department Chronicles stopped by The Protectors to talk comedy skits, mental health, alcohol-infused coffee (including my fav…RUM!!) and tons of other great topics. Jason is is huge proponent of finding ways for the Protector community to mentally heal, including his support & work with Banyan Treatment Centers.

From Banyan’s Site: Jason Patton is a Mental Health and Addiction Advocate and Firefighter in South Florida. Jason helps lessen the stigma of people struggling with mental health disorders and substance use disorders through community outreach and speaking across the country in partnership with our nationwide addiction treatment centers. His wildly popular “Firefighter Chronicles” is a series of YouTube and Instagram videos featuring the day in the life of a first responder. His videos have garnered millions of views and over 800,000 followers. Jason found a way to connect with fellow first responders, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers through comic relief and light-hearted, humorous sketches of life behind the scenes of these demanding jobs.

Jason wants his followers and friends to know they can come to him for help and he will work to find the right resources for them. Especially for first responders who regularly face high stress and traumatic situations, addiction and mental health problems are common. Instead of struggling with these issues alone, Jason encourages people to get professional help including first responders treatment programs that are specific to people in these professions. Jason’s larger than life personality and positive outlook on life helps millions of men and women who are secretly struggling feel better about themselves knowing they are not alone and help is a phone call away.


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