The Protectors | Michael “Rod” Rodriguez | GWOT Memorial Foundation


Michael “Rod” Rodriguez joined The Protectors to talk about the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) Memorial Foundation.   

About Rod: Michael “Rod” Rodriguez is a retired Special Forces Green Beret with nine deployments, from his first in Somalia with 10th Mountain Division to his last in Afghanistan with 7th Special Forces Group. His last assignment as a Green Beret was as a Sniper Instructor at Fort Bragg, NC (Range 37). After 21 years of continuous service, he was medically retired for numerous injuries he received while in service to our great nation. Rod is not only the President and Chief Executive Officer for the GWOT Memorial Foundation, in November 2015 he was selected and served for over three years as a member for President George W. Bush’s Military Service Initiative Advisory Council with the role of advising and supporting the President and leadership of the Bush Institute on key Strategic and Programming priorities in support of Veterans and their families. He also assists with several other non-profits and is always only a phone call or email away from both the Civilian and Military community. In 2013 Rod was inducted into the lauded “Explorers Club” based in Manhattan as a “Fellow” for his research efforts on Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. However, most importantly he is a proud Grandfather, Father and Hermano to many.


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