Protectors Podcast EP #84 with Author Brian Shea

Brian Shea joined The Protectors to talk about his time as an LEO and serving our Nation in the military.  This was an emotional episode; we touch on our similarities in losing brothers to addiction as well as LEO stress.  Check it out….

Bleeding Blue by Brian Shea is out now!!

About Brian BRIAN SHEA has spent most of his adult life in service to his country and local community. He honorably served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. In his civilian life, he reached the rank of Detective and accrued eleven years of law enforcement experience between Texas and Connecticut. Somewhere in the mix he spent five years as a fifth-grade school teacher. Brian’s myriad of life experience is woven into the tapestry of each character’s design. He resides in New England and is blessed with an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.


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