EP # 82 with Jeremy Mahugh, Co-Founder DeliverFund

Jeremy Mahugh of the countertrafficking non-profit DeliverFund joined The Protectors to talk about their vitally important mission.   DeliverFund made up of former special operations and intelligence operatives is dedicated to stopping human trafficking, the modern-day slavery.  Listen in …. AND please donate to their mission!

From DeliverFund: Jeremy spent 10 years in the US Special Operations, where he went on to become and deploy as a Navy SEAL Sniper. After his time in the military, Jeremy returned to the Middle East as an operative for a National Level Intelligence agency for an additional five years. More than 17 deployments later, Jeremy returned home. With a wide range of training in Special Operations, experience in the Intelligence Community, and time spent in the political arena, Jeremy often tells folks that every job he has held has only been to prepare him for the work that he is currently doing for DeliverFund




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