Protectors Podcast #70 with Ryan Manion

NEW EPISODE! Episode #70 | Ryan Manion | Author | The Knock at the Door

Honored to have Ryan Manion on The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo. Ryan and I discussed her book, understanding grief, the Travis Manion Foundation, and living in New Jersey. Ryan is a true inspiration. The book, The Knock at the Door: Three Gold Star Families Bonded by Grief and Purpose, is available now wherever books are sold.

About the Book: This book is for anyone who has ever received a knock at the door. And if you live long enough and have the courage to love others, you will. Maybe it’s a cancer diagnosis. Maybe it’s the death of your best friend. The betrayal of a spouse. The loss of a child. The implosion of a professional career. Or any tragedy that takes the person we love the most away from us too soon. Life is not without its challenges. The key is how you respond. This is our story. The story of three women, bonded by grief and purpose. Grief because we lost our best friends in war. Purpose because we resolved — together — to do something about it. To turn loss into inspiration for others and to channel the love that we had for the men in our lives into love for others through service. It was the only way we could escape the trap of despair and inaction, and we believe it offers a roadmap for anyone else who has ever had to answer a knock at the door.

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