COMING DECEMBER 15th to Amazon & Amazon Kindle! My new short book… OUT OF THE SHADOWS: A Government Whistleblower’s First Hand Account of How The Protection of Migrant Children Became a Political Firestorm.

Expanding on my previous book, Unwavering, this new nonfiction novella will discuss the influx of migrant children at the southwest border.

“The border exploded with unaccompanied alien children and adults crossing the porous frontier in 2013. The children ranged from babies to teenagers. Human trafficking for sex or labor is big business for cartels. At $5000 to $10,000 a smuggled body, and with close to 200,000 known bodies smuggled a year, that is over a billion dollars a year going into smugglers’ pockets. Cartels see humans as another commodity to smuggle into the U.S., much like drugs.

It’s an ugly and disgusting illegal business, operated by the worst of the worst. Traffickers kill and maim those that cross them on the journey.

Smugglers and traffickers increased their illicit businesses in 2011 by moving unaccompanied alien children from points south up to the U.S. border. At the Mexico and U.S. border, they pair thousands of children with adults to make entry to the U.S. easier. “

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