Protectors Podcast #56 with Clint Emerson

Great episode with Clint Emerson on The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo.  Listen on all major podcast platforms!

Clint Emerson joined The Protectors to talk about his decades of experience protecting our Nation here and abroad.  Clint authored a 100 Deadly Skills and out now… THE RIGHT KIND OF CRAZY.

Clint supports the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.

From Clint’s Bio: Clint Emerson grew up in Saudi Arabia, where his father was a civil engineer for the state oil company Saudi Aramco. He attended high school in North Dallas and enlisted in the Navy in 1994, serving stints in SEAL Team Three and SEAL Team Six, before retiring in 2014. Now 42 years old, he runs a crisis-management consulting company, Escape the Wolf, based in Frisco, Texas.

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