HILLVETS Capstone Event! December 10, 2019!

In September I was honored to become part of the HillVets LEAD Cohort as a protege in their Media/Communications team.   HillVets peaked my interest right away.  A group of veterans effecting change from the inside. The program is top notch and is a great step off for veterans.  Out Capstone Event is coming up on December 10th.

From HillVets…What is HillVets LEAD?

“A Second-to-None Leadership/Mentorship Program for the future leaders of our Nation Are you a policy, media/communications, or political professional looking to take your leadership and self-improvement to a new level? HillVets is looking for dedicated individuals looking to spend up to 3 hours a week for 12 weeks improving their skills alongside some of our Nation’s most sought after leaders. Individuals who will join a lifelong “fireteam” of 6 who will push each other to success.  These individuals will stay engaged in the years to come, look for ways to improve each other and the program, and pay it forward to those that follow in their footsteps.”