David joined The Protectors to talk about his time with the legendary 160th SOAR as a member of the Nightstalkers.  After David left the service he embarked on an ambitious journey, to document his time with the famed Nightstalkers.  Listen in..

From book:  David Burnett takes readers into a unique world of the 160th Special Operations Aviation regiment. His journey starts in a conventional Army unit where he doesn’t feel fulfilled in his duties and obligations. This lack of responsibility drives David to pursue the dream of becoming an MH-47G Chinook helicopter crew chief in the most secretive and elite aviation unit in the world.

David on the Web: https://makinganightstalker.com/

Buy MAKING A NIGHT STALKER here: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Night-Stalker-David-Burnett/dp/0999856502

Sentinels of Freedom: https://www.sentinelsoffreedom.org/

Warriors Rising: https://www.warriorrising.org/

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