Protectors Podcast # 42 with John Nores


John joined me on The Protectors podcast to talk his career fighting the cartel within our Nation’s borders, specifically inside our forests.  The cartel operates out of site, cultivating potent, chemical laced marijuana worth millions with only a thin-green line of LEO’s fighting them…John fought the cartel on his turf…the forest.   John is the author of two book, with his recent book Hidden War out now.  Listen in…

The Book: “Hidden War is the second book from John and documents the development and effectiveness of the nation’s first dedicated wildlife officer special operations units, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marijuana Enforcement Team (aka the MET team) and the Delta Sniper Unit. Created to protect our nation’s public safety and stop the international drug cartels from decimating our nation’s wildlife, waterways, and wild lands, these teams go where no one has dared go before.”

John’s site:

California Wildlife Officers Foundation:

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